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Specializes in design, development, and deployment of cutting-edge custom graphics. I'm committed to excellence in effort to service my clients.


Custom Graphics Design - Custom Logo, Advertisements, Layout Designs, Custom Graphics, User Interface Designs and more.

Graphic Design.

Is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, but sometimes the term "graphic design" is used synonymously.


Printing is a process for reproducing text and images using a master form or template.


Is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area such as graphic design, marketing (and public relations), finance and many others feilds they may specialize in.

Who Am I.

I am experienced in graphic design for print, interactive media and illustration. I pay attention to detail, capable of learning new skills quickly, working alone or in a team environment, juggling multiple projects simultaneously and still manage to smile throughout the day.

The Team (No "I" in Team).

Kelvin Tate, Sr.

Kelvin C. Tate, Sr.

Graphic Designer

I specializes in design and illustration, development, and deployment of cutting-edge custom graphics for print and interactive media. I'm committed to excellence in effort to service my clients.

Kelvin Tate, Jr.

Kelvin C. Tate, Jr.


Specializes in illustration, Tribal art and Hawaiian art.

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